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What is CELT High School?

CELT High School (CHS) is an international school diploma program. CHS prepares students for top universities around the world based on students’ skills. CHS has many benefits and It is your final step in the school environment and prepares your future towards the universities. Grades and extracurricular activities are the most important thing in the high school environment.

We will try to answer all questions here to help you better understand our international school.

What do I study in High School?

When you are in high school, you decide which discipline is right for you and you get university preparation subjects according to your university requirements. You will be tested and our educational consultants will help you determine the right program path for you. You will probably study three subjects each year and then take a diploma exam to graduate.

How long does it take to finish CHS?

CHS takes two years to graduate. You should finish 9th grade from Azerbaıjani public school or any international secondary school program.

Is there any age limit to start CHS?

Yes. You should be 15+ at least to be eligible. However, we can consider 14 as well if you are eligible in all aspects.

Where will I study CHS?

We have few campuses in Baku city. You can choose any campus near to you.

Should I study any preparation or foundation after High school?

No. the CELT International School diploma will be accepted by most universities around the world. You will be eligible for direct entry in most countries.

Should I study SAT if I am in CELT High School

No. Most countries will not require SAT exam after you have CELT High School Diploma. However, some top US universities may require a High School diploma + SAT or ACT scores. As this would be the same for all school diplomas. However, it would be fine to get into most universities in the USA with CELT High School.

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