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Manage the world!

Business & Economics

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The Faculty of Business and Economics is an academic subject taught at a high level. It combines the specialties of accounting, finance, marketing, planned management, ie management and economics.

Control the world!

Computer & IT

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It’s not about learning how to use a computer, it’s more than just computer programming. Explores ways to represent objects and processes. We will give you all the tools and education to study better at MIT.

Design the world!


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It is applying mathematics and scientific knowledge to invent, design, build and improve machines, tools, systems, components, materials, and processes. You can be tomorrow’s engineer with our motivational classes. 

Save the World!


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The college medical program allows students to prepare for the first year of a medical program, including medicine, dentistry, physician assistant programs, pharmacy, optometry, and prepares students for all medical exams

Lead the World!

International Relations

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The social sciences, in a broad sense, study how society and people behave and influence the world around them. It covers areas such as governments and politicians, local authorities, parties, and NGOs.

Create the World!

Design and Arts

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Art is a creative activity that expresses an imaginary or technical ability. Produces a product, an object. Art is a different kind of activity in creating visuals, creating works and expressing the author’s imaginary mind.